Raven's Ridge Country Residential Subdivision

Lots range in size between 1 and 2 acres and are competitively priced, starting at just $149,900.00 (including driveway entrance). Electrical, telephone and cable television services will be installed along the extension to War Eagle Way. Purchasers are responsible for bringing services onto their lot. Once completed, the extension to War Eagle Way will be owned and maintained by the City of Whitehorse and, as an added-bonus, it is one of a few residential streets in the City that is regularly plowed after each snowfall.

Purchasers are responsible for the installation of their own septic-systems and the drilling of water-wells (water delivery is also available in the City and some people may decide to choose that option). Raven’s Ridge’s topography necessitates that septic-systems and wells are constructed under the supervision of a qualified engineer and mechanical sewage systems are also required (we would be pleased to provide you with details of this new but increasingly-used technology). A test well on Lot 32 was drilled to a depth 260 feet and delivers approximately 10 gallons of water per minute, although this, of course, is no guarantee that other wells will provide the same results.
Privacy on every lot is ensured through the use of Restrictive Covenants, which among other things restrict the cutting of trees around each lot’s perimeter. Other Restrictive Covenants preclude the placing of mobile or modular homes on any of the lots and, of course, specify the sites of septic-systems and water-wells. A copy of the Restrictive Covenant is attached to the Contract of Purchase and Sale (see below).
Other important information you should know:
  • All of the lots are zoned RC2 Country Residential – please refer to the City of Whitehorse’s Zoning Bylaw for details and restrictions;
  • You are free to build on your own schedule, as no building timelines apply;
  • City of Whitehorse transit buses and school buses both service the subdivision; and
  • As with all country-residential subdivisions, lot-owners are responsible for attending to their own garbage and compost disposal (i.e. there is no City pick-up).
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