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Why homemade, why customize dog food? Who has time to bake for their dogs? 0ver 3 decades ago we made the decision to start formulating our own home made dry mix after a number of commercial pet food recalls. Recalls impact the dog food industry causing pet owners to question the quality of industrial dog food brands. Mass production, assembly lines, preservatives added enabling a 1-2 year shelf life wasn’t our idea of “healthy” options for our breeding dogs. Understanding the importance of canine nutritional needs, we devoted our time and effort into researching other alternatives so you don’t have to.


Raven’s Ridge focuses on including whole ingredients, offers an option for the owner to customize their recipes adding their choice of meat protein, fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed ingredients. Promoting feeding programs that align with ancestral, instinctual nutritional philosophies. The processing of commercial pet food can impact digestibility, nutrient bioavailability and safety. Our formulation is highly digestible, palatable and human grade ensuring your pets health and well-being.  


We want to share the love, passion and dedication we have for our dogs with our customers. Raven’s Ridge commits to using all natural, locally sourced ingredients, no added preservatives or fillers, free of by-products, preservatives, and other unnecessary chemicals. We simplified our nutritional plan, promote a grass roots approach to instil confidence in your feeding program.WHY? BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR DOGS AS MUCH AS YOU DO!!!

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The Love For Our Pets

As pet owners, enthusiasts and breeders we should be conscious about what we purchase for our pets. Today’s highly competitive pet food industry can be confusing and misleading. Fancy packaging geared to attract owners and appeal to your senses by displaying fresh ingredients, only to discover bi-products, additives and a number of unhealthy preservatives. There are so many choices for the discerning pet owner, how do you choose?

Our Primary reason for promoting a natural option for pet owners was to assist in educating. Most pet owners we approach today outline a list of food allergies, stomach issues and other health concerns they are continuously challenged with. Poor grade pet food is the equivalent to feeding our families fast food during every meal. Is that really what you want for your dog? Unhealthy, processed food filled with fillers and preservatives? What’s your alternative? Easy, cheap - long shelve life isn’t ideal. 

While we have had excellent results with custom diets, we cannot guarantee a custom-formulated meal will treat or cure any condition. We create homemade recipes by scratch in our human-food kitchen according to relevant laws for human food. Our recipes are created with locally sourced, all natural ingredients. We strongly believe you get what you pay for. Lower priced, value brand commercial foods may not provide your pets with the best results, most people aren’t familiar with ingredient lists, nutritional values required daily or calorie intake requirements. Raven’s Ridge has been using our recipe for 30 plus years with outstanding results. We have worked diligently with animal professionals to trial and test our combinations. We developed our recipe specifically for our own, personal show and breeding dogs. Our passion is to ensure the overall health and well-being of our dogs. Throughout the years we’ve had a large number of requests to share our formulation which brings us to date. Due to overwhelming interest Raven’s Ridge decided it was time to share our knowledge and experience with other dog enthusiasts, breeders and pet owners. Our simple homemade, nature inspired recipe is a unique concept to dog food preparation. 

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