As professional, ethical breeders we breed to standard striving for healthy, beautiful dogs complimented by exceptional temperaments. All potential puppy owners are screened carefully and approved to determine suitable “fits” prior to accepting deposits for future litters. All puppies are registered through CKC. 

Our expectation consists of phone interviews prior to sending forward puppy applications to prospective owners. We believe it’s important to speak to potential owners to help determine if your family life, living arrangements and lifestyle will align with our breed requirements. As ethical breeders it’s our responsibility to screen families for the safety and well-being of our dogs.

All of our puppies are raised underfoot, properly socialized and trained prior to settling into their forever homes. This includes crate training, potty trained partially (well on their way) if not entirely & leash trained. We work with each puppy individually on a daily basis to encourage basic puppy obedience, stimulation and enrichment. Supporting puppy transition to prepare both our new families and our puppies remains to be a priority. We take puppy ownership seriously, we offer lifetime support for all of our dogs regardless of age.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: ALL PUPPIES - no exceptions, will return to Raven’s Ridge if for any reason the family is no longer able to care for or keep them. We will collaborate with the family to screen and approve a suitable arrangement for a new home. Raven’s Ridge reserves the right to approve new ownership situations for all of our dogs, references and/or recommendations for potential new homes MUST BE APPROVED by Raven’s Ridge. 

If for any reason we are unable to find a suitable living situation for “said dog” the dog will be returned to retire with us. Under no circumstance will we allow our dogs to be exposed to a potential stressful situation or to be subjected to a shelter or rescue facility for adoption. As much as we support rescue groups and shelters, as reputable breeders we take responsibility for the dogs we raise. Our intent is to aid in elimination of strain related to overpopulation of animal shelters. 

We are RESPONSIBLE, PASSIONATE Breeders who care for the welfare and well-being of our dogs for the duration of their lives. 

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