My happy crew after having their first sample.   Thank you so much  Raven's Ridge.


Well it's easy to say, first meal was a success and both my babies are fed and extremely happy still licking their chops clean.
I have never in my life seen Dogs so excited about food.  Both waited patiently as there first meal cooled and both were trying to be patient as I broke it open and added Canpressco oil.  Quick picture and a sit and both devoured and enjoyed every last bit.  So excited for this journey with Raven's Ridge thank you for introducing me to such high quality benefits for my fur babies. 
Lol ps I did try and it tastes as good as it smells! My babies are spoiled.

Sarah (Effie)

Here's a picture of my fur baby, Effie! She loves Raven's Ridge food and is so much happier and healthier on it too! She has been on it for years now and I have noticed a change in her coat, her teeth are always clean and she no longer has smelly breath (which I tried many ways to remedy with no success)! If you are looking for a healthy food option for your dog I would recommend you try this food! Your fur baby will not only love it, but will feel the benefits too!

Kelly (Abby)

After I switched Abby to Raven's Ridge home made food I saw a huge difference in her appearance and overall health.  She was happier and more energetic.  Her breath and teeth had a huge improvement.  Thank you Raven's Ridge

Shelly (Tiney)

Tiney was diagnosed with a Cancerous tumour and given a month to live.  However, I was determined to help him as he would not eat his food anymore, so I tried Raven's Ridge food and he loved it.  He did amazing on it and had energy.

Unfortunately, it was late and Tiney passed away 6 weeks after the diagnosis but without the food I believe we would have lost him sooner and for that I am grateful. 

My other dog "Diva" is still on the food and doing great. "I highly recommend you dog food.

Diesel (Sarah)

Anxiously awaiting for his dinner to cool down so he can demolish it, as always!

Taz, Rosie & Berry
(Shelaia and Kellan)

One million stars!!!! I don't know what we would have done without this food. One of our rescues was ridiculously sick and couldn't keep any food in her.  She was struggling horribly. She tried this food for one day and not only was she a whole new dog but she hasn't had any problems since.  She was finally able to keep her food in her, she was growing, she started thriving.  5 years later and she still complimented on how good she looks and how well she's doing from how she started out.  Our other two love it as well, one of them turned around and left after trying this food and then being served kibble. And bonus, you know the ingredients.  Furbabies deserve the best too.

Kane (Landon)

Just baked a pan of homemade dog food and even before he popped it in the oven Kane was waiting!

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