Silkies & Showgirls  (separate pens)

We select only the best Silkie roosters and offer a variety of colours to be included into our breeding program, we selectively breed to our silkie hens throughout the year.  We carefully hand pick and rotate our roosters on set schedules to  promote and produce beautiful chicks. Our Silkie chick colours include the following: blue, black, splash, silver, paint, white, Lavender partridge and may include mixed colouration with buff, silver or white highlights.  We also offer specific colour breeding's upon request and can arrange to pair off our birds in separate pens to ensure the desired colour. These requests are offered during our spring/summer breeding programs only.

Did you know, Silkies are one of the first breeds of chicken to have been admitted to the APA Standard of Perfection in 1874. Silkies originated in Asia, most likely in China, however, their specific source is a mystery. Marco Polo wrote about them as early as the 1400s. Silkies are known to be extremely docile, their ornamental plumage makes them a show stopper in any flock! 

Silkies are generally good layers, but don’t lay continuously like some other, more popular barnyard birds, laying an average of approximately three eggs a week. Silkies are commonly used to hatch eggs from other breeds and bird species due to their reputation as being “boody birds”, they are naturally great at hatching. Silkies thrive in warm climates where heavier breeds might suffer. The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as dark blue flesh and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot (most chickens only have four). Silkies are well suited for children and new bird owners because they are naturally affectionate.


Svart Hona

The Svart Hona is also called the Swedish Black Hen. They get their name from their home country of Sweden. The name ‘svart hona’ means ‘black female’ in the Swedish language, although, Svart Honas are obviously both male and female. They have a unique mythical look to them, their glossy black feathers shine in the sunlight casting hues of blue, emerald green and purple. Stunning is an understatement. They are truly a sight to behold. The most distinctive part of this breed’s appearance is the fact that it’s fibro melanistic. Meaning that its eyes, comb, wattles, feathers, legs, and even bones are all black. 

It’s unknown where the Svart Hona originated from. Rumor has it they were imported from Mozambique to Sweden in the 1800s. Svart Honas are extremely rare, both in Canada and in their home country. The most recent census taken in Sweden estimated that there were only 400 Svart Honas left in their country. They are considered a landrace breed. Svart Honas were not imported into Canada and the United States until 2012 and it is still hard to find quality strains. The Svart’s are rarer than their more popular cousin the Ayam Cemani.

We are seductively breeding our best trios. Please be advised availability is limited. Contact us to preorder your svart chick. We currently have a waiting list and will make an effort to fulfil our list prior to taking new orders. Svart hatches are carefully planned for early spring and late summer.


 * We only sell unsexed/straight run chicks
 * Laying Hens, Breeding pairs and/or trios are available to purchase by request.

 * Chicks are available for sale and can be picked up when they are a few days old after they clear our health check.
 * With our mixed color Silkie breeding pen, we cannot fulfill orders for specific colors.  However, upon request birds can        be separated into breeding pens to meet your requirement .

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